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"If you define a program, then highlight it, then right click the mouse one of the options is collapse SEXpression. You have no idea how funny 9th graders think this is."

That's a bug report from this afternoon, just before I went home. The SEXpressions were a-flyin' today, too, metaphorically if not literally. For one thing, Robby got back from Taiwan after a two-and-a-half-week trip. The practical upshot of which was not too much, I wasn't waiting on him for anything, but it does mean I ought to get started prepping my class for the summer quarter.

Robby came by in the morning. After we talked, I had a little work to do on the speed dating site: seems people are having "no relationship" with far too many people, the result of which was that people were answering like two questions per followup and being on their merry way. We have a solution, which was to ask people to give the names of other people they may be seeing until they've filled up four slots (or they run out of relationships total). Lucky for me, I'd already written most of the code before. So this new feature was a quickie. It gets launched tonight pending a few more changes the psychologists told me about over the phone a little while back.

There was a dissertation defense at 3 I wanted to see, so I had an abbreviated workday. I only did one other major thing, which was reading over a paper I'm reviewing. I've read the paper over before, but it's both long and difficult and even after reading it over again I don't really understand it. That blew a few hours, though.

I did a bunch of little stuff too, nothing major. Added a few packages to PLaneT, though Jay tells me he's writing a package-upload client so I won't have to do this much longer. A little chatter on one of my mailing lists inspired me to share the read-all-sexps trick Robby once showed me: to read every S-expression out of a given port as a list, the trick is to make a fake port that consists of an open paren, the original port, and a close paren; then you can read one S-expression out of that fake port. About 10 times faster than just reading expressions one at a time. Strange but true!

I also may have fixed a couple of very small but (at least in one case) extremely annoying PLaneT bugs. It has to do with the installer, though, so I'll have to wait for the nightly build before I can test it.

Afterwards, dissertation defense. Defense-tastic, that's all I'm going to say about that.

Okay, time to fix the speed daters.


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