Keep Working, Worker Bee!


Unlike the rest of the days this past week, today I pretty much did one thing all day: worked on the ICFP contest. It's dawning on me now that as the ICFP contest is sort of a secret, its ascending importance to my average workday may have a serious negative impact on my Worker Bee! reporting. So I'll tell you all the banal details, but not anything significant. To whit: I spent most of the morning munging HTML files into LaTeX files, as I did yesterday. After that was done, I spent some more time copyediting and bringing my horribly deficient TeX skills up to speed. After that there were some substantive content changes, followed by fast 'n' furious office-equipment usage section and a meeting at 3:00.

The point of all this is that we're going to be having a dry run of the contest in the next week, and at this point we need to be ready for it. So we work.

Hm. I don't think I can tell you much more than that.

On the Speed-Dating front: multiple transgressions per person need to be implemented. That is the absolute last thing. In 40 minutes the last kids will roll over into followup mode, and at that point we'll be completely done with 2/3rds of the code I wrote for this project. Weird.


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