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Hi Lambda the Ultimaters! Now that PLDI's over, I'm afraid you're going to have to hear me ramble on dully about my regular job. And since it's mostly about the programming contest you're not even going to get the juicy details. We aim to please, but we miss so often that observers question whether we're even really trying.

I finally explained to a third party what my recent semantics work has been all about. Kathy and Scott from the PLT are in town and Kathy's been working in the same general area as my semantics, so I got out the trusty whiteboard and gamma'ed it up with reduction rules and so on and showed them the overview of everything I've finished up to this point. I was encouraged; they both followed me and seemed to think it was interesting, which gives me hope that the POPL folks will think the same thing. Also, hopefully Kathy will want to take her OOPSLA paper about Scheme and Java and try to prove it sound using our framework. That'd be awesome.

Otherwise: we spent a pretty crazy amount of time working on a new iteration of the LiveCD for the contest, which would probably have been released a few minutes ago were it not for the fact that I forgot to get a list of changed packages and the guy who is in possession of said list currently on a bus headed back up to his Internetless apartment. Oh well, y'all'll live if it doesn't come out until tomorrow.

And naturally there was a lot of crazy hacking and various other work done that I can't really tell you about. Suffice it to say that the bits were a-flyin' at the Worker Bee! headquarters today. We made some progress, but the programming contest starts in 7 and a half days and that's incredibly nerve-wracking to me.

Also planned for my intro to computing class. They're actually going to let me teach over the summer, and it looks like they're even going to give me some students to teach to. I've got seven students enrolled in my class, everywhere from a high-school student to some college juniors. I've never taught a full class solo before, and that's pretty nerve-wracking too.

Man, I will be about 80 times more relaxed by the end of July.


  • You can't blog about the inner workings of the contest now, but perhaps you could write the content and publish later. The details will still be interesting four months from now.

    By Blogger Mike Wilson, at 21:08  

  • Don't think I'm not ... :) This contest is actually something like 4 years old, and at some point I'm going to have to write up some version of the story from beginning to end.

    By Blogger Jacob, at 21:26  

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