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After a very relaxing July 4th weekend, my nose was back to the grindstone today as I finally got to some long-overdue PLaneT work. PLaneT is now up to date with the rest of the PLT's infrastructure: the server is using the latest PLT build from subversion, PLaneT's web page uses the new web page look, and most importantly a really longstanding bug in the way archives got unpacked was fixed (in an embarassingly simple way) the result of which is that documentation is properly linked on the PLaneT page again. (I went through and fixed all the old packages that were affected by the bug, too, so the page should now work.)

This smacks of software development to me. I'm not sure whether it's a good or a bad thing that I'm in a research group that does real software development alongside its more academic pursuits: on the one hand, I'm getting lots of experience with real development that I wouldn't get in most places; on the other, every time I spend a half hour tracking down a crash bug that turns out to come from the fact that ImageMagick is installed on my development machine but not my production machine is a half-hour of my life that's not contributing to anything except ulcer development.


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