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Been a little while since my last update. I've essentially been working on most everything I do, all in little bits.

The morning I spent dealing with a few different PLaneT issues. First, I fixed a bug in the webpage generation code that I swear I've fixed before; it was actually the confluence of two bugs, one of which was that "metaprogramming" was inadvertently left out of the list of possible categories and the other of which was that packages with no legal categories were inadvertently getting omitted from the web page entirely rather than being filed under "Misc" as they should've been. Both bugs are fixed now and a few packages that weren't getting listed before are showing up. I'm just about sure I fixed this exact bug long ago, so I have no idea why the problem re-emerged. Strange. The second bug was actually a bug in DrScheme; it turns out that you can't distribute a new language level using PLaneT because of an assumption DrScheme made that worked at the time but got invalidated when PLaneT came along. I'm not going to fix that one myself, but the proper people got notified so hopefully it'll be fixed soon.

On my class front: I taught accumulator-style recursion and generative recursion, capped off by teaching the topological sort and breadth-first search algorithms today. I don't know how well my students would do if I asked them to reconstruct those algorithms from memory, but they seemed to be able to follow along well enough during class so that's good.

I'm also writing a paper for POPL, and despite the full-time job of preparing for my class I've been able to make some decent progress on it. I've got a draft and I'm currently going over it again, revising prose and fiddling with formalisms and so on. I think it's pretty interesting stuff, though as with everything it's difficult for me to judge it having worked with it so closely for this long. And as with anything theoretical, I'm constantly in fear that everyone but me will think it's obvious and not worth spending a whole paper talking about. We'll find out what the editors think.


  • wow, sounds like you have a bug problem? Have you tried raid. I hear it's good.

    By Blogger jevlin, at 20:25  

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