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The most useful thing I've done with TeX so far

is this:

Greek letters

I've come to face the fact that (a) I really never learned more than the "greatest hits" of the Greek alphabet, and (b) not knowing my phis from my zetas will actually hinder my academic progress at this stage of the game. So, a cheat sheet.


  • You know, that might make for a spiffy t-shirt. In fact, I can envision an entire line of TeX cheat-sheet t-shirts.


    By Anonymous Tom Moertel, at 11:31  

  • s/with Tex//

    Thanks for the cheat-sheet. Can't wait 'til the the t-shirt comes out.


    By Blogger dskippy, at 16:25  

  • You might also find: GreekChart.pdf helpful; it's a chart on how to write out those pesky Greek letters.

    By Blogger Danny Yoo, at 15:20  

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