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A few off-topic topics

I saw that the great science-fiction writer Stanislaw Lem died this morning at the age of 84. Lem is probably best known for writing Solaris, which was adapted into a movie in 1972 by Tarkovsky and again in 2002 by Steven Soderbergh (starring George Clooney), but he's got a great many great novels to his name. I've only read five or six, but I've enjoyed every one I've read — in particular I think The Cyberiad might be my favorite book of any genre at all.

In happier news, congratulations to my dad, John Matthews, who on Friday became Dr. John Matthews when he successfully defended his dissertation on public policy. Dad worked for various city and county governments for many years, then took an early retirement and went back to school to get his PhD. Just think, he gave me a gigantic head start and still finished his PhD before I did! Oh well. Congratulations to him.


  • Congratulations to your Dad!

    By Blogger Dave Herman, at 22:54  

  • I gave my Dad a huge head start, and so far neither of us have got our PhDs! Oh well. Congrats to your Dad!

    By Blogger Noel, at 01:55  

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