Keep Working, Worker Bee!


Mostly a collapsing day, which is not my favorite kind. In the morning I tried to update my reduction systems for the multilanguage semantics work I'm doing so they were arranged in a new way that facilitates a really nifty connection between this work and Robby's contracts. COLLAPSE! Turns out that broke everything; while it's still possible to do it, it's going to be much more involved than it was supposed to be. Then I worked on the programming contest some; and as I checked the old tasks for some inspiration I noticed something odd: our task was by far the largest that had ever been published. COLLAPSE! I went into a revising frenzy trying to reduce it, and when I did, DOUBLE-COLLAPSE! I accidentally dropped some important stuff and I'm going to have to make sure I've fixed all that today.

After that was the contest organizational meeting, and then for some reason that now escapes me I signed up to write a small paper for [FDPE '05] about the [3D lab] I designed last year and the teachpack that makes it work. Only 5 pages, due in 3 weeks. But unfortunately it seems like the paper may focus much more on the teachpack, which I didn't write, than the lab, which I did. Oh well. The conference is colocated with ICFP, to which I'm going anyway, so it seems like submitting something is in order.

Then I biked on home and after literally collapsing and then recovering, I checked my email. COLLAPSE! Something mysterious was wrong with the PLaneT code; new versions hung when they were supposed to be downloading from the server. COLLAPSE #2! There was a huge problem with the speed-dating site: on the followup, on the _one_ page where I wrote the questions directly I'd missed a couple. As it happens, those questions were apparently critical to the entire endeavor so I had to do some speed-coding to fix it.

Reasonably hectic. But the weather was gorgeous.


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