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Ever have one of those days where you start coding something in the morning, and by the time you look around you realize it's after dark? Today was a gorgeous day in Chicago, and at about 8AM I started trying to figure out how to model various exception-handling strategies in a multi-language context; by the time I was done I had four systems in PLT Redex and it was nine o'clock at night. Research is fun! Much more fun than, say, sunlight or social interaction.


  • I had kind of the converse experience today. I'd promised my friends I'd go see them in the afternoon, so I had to stop coding by around 2pm. At about 1:45 I was frantically trying to reach a stopping point and ultimately had to concede defeat and grudgingly face the day -- only to lift the blinds and discover it was a beautiful day. Cursed physical universe!

    By Blogger Dave Herman, at 01:25  

  • I hate it when this happens! I say I will finish by such and such a time only to have time fly and a beautiful day pass by. You live in Chicago, you should definitley be taking advantage of every single ray of sunshine!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16:09  

  • Have a nice day. Don't forget to go outside.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22:10  

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