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Hm, I see I forgot to mention that I was on vacation for the last week. Well, I was on vacation for the last week; specifically, Molly and I went down to Atlanta to visit my parents, raft down the Chatahoochie River, watch various plays and movies, enjoy the coastal Georgia beaches (I saw a baby sea turtle climb from its nest and march down to the ocean!), and generally do things that do not at all involve programming.

I'm still catching up with my emails, but I was happy to see that our "Operational Semantics for R5RS Scheme" paper was accepted by the Scheme Workshop, and I was even more happy to see that the reviews we got were extraordinarily helpful. All three reviewers really dug into the paper and identified a lot of ways we can make the paper stronger, while at the same time giving me the warm fuzzies with their positivity.

I also turned in my final grades for the class I taught over the past five weeks. My final exam was quite a bit harder than my midterm exam, but it seems like it served its purpose pretty well in differentiating the students rather than crushing them all and making them cry. Nobody got a perfect score on this one, but there were definitely solid A's and B's and so on. After I finished grading it, I made the final calculations and got my students' raw scores, curved them (I actually did pretty well, the curve was a just uniform five points all around, and really if I wanted to be a bit more of a tough guy I could've safely omitted it) and made that my final grade. All in all, I'm feeling pretty good about my class at this point. I will see whether I actually learned anything about teaching in the fall when I have to do it all over again, more slowly and with more students.


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