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So it seems that other people have noticed the article I linked to in my last post too. Matt Jadud over at Untyped wrote an interesting rant about about it that points out its obvious deficiencies. In the course of doing so, he points out the ACM's Model Curricula documents, a great resource I didn't know existed before. I can't yet comment on the particular documents, but Matt's comments about them combined with the obviously tremendous effort they must have been to create really illustrates that teaching is very very hard.

Dave Herman noticed my post and comments on my definition of computer science. I suggested that it was "the study of how to best systematically solve problems"; Dave prefers a more general formulation by Raatikainen: "How do we automate?" I made a comment over on his weblog about it which you can read over there if you care to. (Just realize that when I wrote it there were three comment spams above it that said things like "Great post! There are lots of resources on my web page about immigrating to Canada!")

Anyway, I'm headed off to Estonia later today for the Scheme Workshop and ICFP. I hope I'll be able to update this webpage from there; if so I'll try to do a regular conference update as it goes on, and if not I'll try to take good notes and do one comprehensive update when I get back.


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