Keep Working, Worker Bee!


The Scheme Workshop paper revisions are done — it's been massively rewritten since the first submission, so hopefully people will find it clear and useful. Even for computer science, in which paper turnaround time is a few months rather than a few years, writing and revising papers seems like a distraction from research sometimes. Of course writing things up is crucial, but I'd much rather be making progress than fiddling with figures and wording to make the things I was working on last year make sense to other people.

Unrelatedly: there's been a lot of activity with the PLT web server recently, and a lot of new features are coming in. There's now a new feature that allows a servlet to attach a special k-url handler to expired k-urls — finally it's possible to give good servlet timeout messages! I can't tell you how much it irked me that there was no good way to give someone a message telling them that their session had expired and what to do to make things work again.


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