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I think last night's hacking got me eager to break out of my theory tower and do real programming, and Noel's email about using PLaneT over HTTP gave me the final push I needed to finish off PLaneT's HTTP support. I'd been planning that support for a long time, even to the point where I had a complete implementation strategy, but I never got the motivation to actually program until today. I still think PLaneT's original protocol is a better fit for the problem PLaneT solves than HTTP is; the original goal was and still is that the client and the server have a little conversation about all the packages that the client will need to download, then the client downloads them all at once, just like the linux package manager systems out there. Unfortunately there are enough problems implementing that on both the server and the client that the protocol doesn't do any particular good for actual PLaneT communication; its only real role was stopping people with restrictive firewalls from using the service. That's what the HTTP client fixes, and it's fixed now. Fun fun fun! And, it meant I got to play with the web server some more to do things it doesn't often do, and that meant I discovered a few more issues (mostly docs bugs, one annoying design limitation).


  • It's just a shame that stateless protocols are so hip and popular these days. Good work, worker bee. There's plenty more hacking where last nights came from.

    I still think Noel's alternative solution to getting the packages has some merit despite the fact that you've solved Noel's immediate problem. "A much simpler alternative would be to provide packages using normal HTTP download and require the user to install using the planet command line tool." Users without net (it happens to the best of us) could get planet packages on disk. I've done this many times with Debian packages.

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