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I think you can feel like a computer scientist at any time of the day, but you can only feel like a hacker after midnight. I was helping Mike with a PLT-server based project (another Topsl project, as it happens) and after a certain point a nasty, nondeterministic bug started cropping up and eating our results. After a long while of looking over our code, we came to the conclusion that there was at least an equal chance that the bug was in the server; I've got some experience with the PLT server so I dove into its guts hunting for the problem. Long story short, I propped open my drooping eyelids and shortly before 2:00AM I was able to confirm the bug and verify a workaround. I'm pretty pleased with myself for finding that.

Other day's computer stuff: not much interesting to report. I rewrote a section of the R5RS paper, then rewrote it again, then wrote a formal system used in that section, then threw it away and used another one that I didn't realize had already been written; then started rewriting that one. Kathy and I also made a couple stabs at one of the core systems for a new paper we're working on together that extends on a bunch of stuff we both done independently; we just started this a few days ago, though, so there's not really much to say yet.


  • You're totally the man. I'm buying you some monkey pants. Thanks again. With any luck Topsl will be a planet module in a short while.

    By Blogger dskippy, at 09:28  

  • I am totally grateful. Thanks, Jacob!

    By Blogger Dave Herman, at 14:48  

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