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Strange how things work out. I scheduled a more-or-less spontaneous visit out to Boston, nominally to do a few things related to online surveys but more realistically just to see the people I know out there. I mentioned to Robby that I was going, he called Matthias, and now I'm going to be giving a talk at Northeastern about the interoperability stuff.

The Meaning of Multilanguage Programs

Jacob Matthews
University of Chicago, Chicago

Monday, October 17, 2005

Software developers have long understood that real applications are built out of components in different languages and connected using a variety of different strategies. For example, foreign function interface systems like SWIG connect high-level languages to low-level languages; component frameworks like COM and CORBA connect high-level languages to each other; and domain-specific languages such as Yacc are embedded into their host languages in such a away that control and data flow back and forth between the programs.

In this talk I will present a general technique for modelling the operational semantics of multilanguage systems such as these. The technique is simple and general, and surprisingly connects traditional multilanguage systems to seemingly unrelated concepts such as contracts.

Joint work with Robert B. Findler

Pretty cool. I'm very excited about this talk because it'll be the first time I'll have given a public talk about the interoperability stuff, though it's probably been nearly a year that I've been working on it. Also, since the talk will be on October 17 and ESOP's deadline is October 14, I may decide to take my talk outline and turn it into an ESOP paper as I'm writing it. That'd be good. I've already figured out easily enough for a paper, but I haven't really properly documented it yet, so this will be a good opportunity for that.


  • Hey, this version of the abstract looks better than the one you showed me before.

    I'm excited about your work on interoperability. I can think of several applications that I'm particularly interested in. And one of them just happens to be Topsl!

    Everyone at NEU is looking forward to your talk. We've already been talking about it in the office.

    By Blogger Dave Herman, at 00:18  

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