Keep Working, Worker Bee!


Good progress today on a couple fronts. First: I spent some time trying to pin down the problem I was talking about yesterday, and realized that the real problem was that I was being naive in the way I distributed guards across functions. If you track who's asking, i.e. whether you're guarding an ML value from Scheme or a Scheme value from ML, everything works out. It's actually just like how blame-tracking works with contracts. Very cool.

I also sent the task for the contest to the beta testers. The fun begins now as people's problems are starting to roll in (it's weird, for instance, how few people know what an HP48G is). After that we had the contest meeting, which was actually unusually productive. And it seems to have spawned a big email discussion, which is good.

Now the weekend, which will probably be at least partially for work.


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