Keep Working, Worker Bee!


Three things.

  • I worked on secret stuff for most of the day. At least some of the secret stuff I've been working on ought to be unveilable very soon; that'll be a big weight off my shoulders. The ICFP contest initial start time gives us four and a half weeks to sort out everything. That'll be a relief.

  • I went to see a talk today by Derek about recursive abstract datatypes. It was interesting. I talked with Dave about the multilanguage stuff; he's interested in the project, so I'll probably give him a more thorough talk about it next week. Hopefully he can give me a little more insight into the interesting type system issues I could address — he already gave me two without even thinking about it, actually.

  • I looked into doing pivoting on a PostgreSQL database as a part of the speed dating project. I had hoped it could be done in-engine, like you can do with Access databases; it turns out that's not really true but you can pretty easily write scripts to do it if need be. That wouldn't really work too well if I needed to have data flowing into the database at the same time we were analyzing it, but I don't so this'll work. I understand that normally pivoting isn't necessary, but in my case I don't really see a way around it, so I really do wonder whether my situation is one that just can't be handled with standard database stuff.


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