Keep Working, Worker Bee!


That certainly sucked.

So today — I'm sounding like a broken record — I mostly worked on secret stuff regarding the contest and doing a proof of something. I actually made quite a bit of progress, but the report would be pretty boring. Wait for my paper, it'll be good.

Anyway, the most important thing was that at 5 I got preliminary, we-get-48-hours-to-respond-type reviews for the paper Robby and I submitted back in April. It did not go well. The reviews were, um, mixed, including some good stuff and some stuff that seemed almost deliberately insulting (I shouldn't get into more detail here). But overall, the reviewers weren't very impressed. Damn. I could say that I had never thought the paper was a good fit for the conference, and I have documentation proving that's true, but it still sucks to get bad reviews.


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